Being “Better” sounds easier than it is. It takes dedication. Risk-taking. A refusal to compromise your principles. And yeah, sometimes that means keeping things simple. From our shape to our recipe, wholesome is how we do things better, every time. It’s not just about what goes into our pretzels. It’s about how you feel when you eat one…or four! It’s in the memories you make at tailgates, birthday parties, and movie nights – and the happiness you feel when you take the first bite.

Better is how we measure ourselves. At Philly Pretzel Factory, we dedicate every day to the craft, the creation, and the experience of better.


Our founder, Dan DiZio, grew up eating pretzels. He started selling soft pretzels in his neighborhood at age eleven, becoming a child entrepreneur with a sales team of kids from all around the town. He missed pretzels when he went away to school, so after graduation Dan partnered with his college buddy Len Lehman to found the original Philly Pretzel Factory location in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia. Dan and Len were inspired by their love for pretzels and experiences with the original Philly-based pretzel bakeries, so it was no surprise that their own pretzels were delicious! They held a deep respect for those founding fathers whose wholesale bakeries in the warehouses in and around Philadelphia fed the locals at all times of days. So opening their first Philly Pretzel Factory as an actual storefront instead of in an industrial space was an experiment, a kind of “why not try this,” between the two. What resulted was a line that never went away, and a fanbase always hungry for more! Now, after more than twenty years of twisting, Philly Pretzel Factory is over 145 stores strong and making things better as we grow into additional states every year.

Our original storefront at 7366 Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia was the only thing we could afford back then, and it turned our “factory” model into a retail store that still serves up hot, delicious pretzels seven days a week. Who knew this was the beginning of “where better gets made.”?
We drove from Philly to Florida in a rental truck to purchase original pretzel equipment from retired pretzel bakers. We’ve made refinements along the way and today we have all our equipment custom made to our specifications for every Philly Pretzel Factory in the United States.
Our original Frankford Avenue store in Mayfair is now our flagship location. We’ve grown to encompass three times the original space and you can come in and see us twist fresh pretzels every day, just like we do in stores across the country!

That’s Dan and Len, founding partners of Philly Pretzel Factory getting all glammed up for a publicity shot. But even top models couldn’t compete with our gorgeous signature pretzels in the background.

water splash


Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Wrong. All of our pretzels are hand-twisted and baked fresh using proprietary equipment and an ingredients list that’s short and sweet. Flour, water, yeast, and a pinch of salt are all you knead for a fresh, no mess snack. Simple makes them better! Because our pretzels are so deliciously simple, we leave it up to you to customize with dips and mustards. You’ll also find our pretzels wrapped around specialties like cheesesteaks and hot dogs.  Find a new favorite every time!

flour spill salt yeast doughball

One bag of our proprietary flour makes enough dough to stretch from the ground to the top of the Statue of Liberty’s torch (305’)

Each year, we use enough flour to fill 85,000 bathtubs

We use more than 15 million pounds of flour per year – about the weight of 1,000 T-Rex dinosaurs.

Every 75 weeks we stretch enough dough to circle the Earth. Since our founding in 1998, we’ve made enough dough to circle the earth 14 times.

We serve more than 5.7 million pretzels per month, and more than 68.6 million pretzels per year — that’s more than one billion pretzels since 1998!

The average American consumes about 1.5 pounds of pretzels per year.

We sell nearly 100,000 gallons of mustard every year — enough to fill about 30 concrete mixing trucks.

We sell nearly 76,000 gallons of cheese every year — enough to fill 4,000 car gas tanks.

We season with enough salt each year to make two Olympic-sized swimming pools as salty as the ocean.

Food Truck Outside of the Art Museum
Phil E Outside of a Store
People Holding a Pretzel
Philly Pretzel Factory Store Front


In the spirit of “Where Better Gets Made,” we love to support the communities we’re part of! Whether that’s through a fundraising partnership, renting out our Philly Pretzel Factory truck (yes, that’s a thing!), or donating a raffle basket of Philly Pretzel Factory swag, let us know how we can help make your event or organization better.

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