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Philly Pretzels go just about everywhere. And satisfy just about everyone.

Delicious. Fun to eat. And healthy in the value.
Low in sugar and fat, high in fiber and protein, and baked fresh every day! Philly Pretzels are an ideal treat for people of all ages.

We do all the work. You get all the credit.
Just open the box, set them out, and watch them disappear. There’s no need for refrigeration, elaborate preparation, or special utensils. Everything you need is in one convenient package, including a full selection of mustard flavors.

Pretzel power for fundraising.
With proven programs and promotions designed to help maximize sales and turn healthy pretzels into healthy profits – often up to 100% – we’ve helped hundreds of charities, schools, teams, nonprofits and other organizations reach their fundraising goals.

For catering and special occasions.
There’s nothing like a Pretzel Party Tray to draw a crowd and elevate any event. For an even more memorable touch, we craft custom-shaped pretzels in a full range of shapes and sizes—such as people’s initials, birthday and anniversary dates, hearts, and other symbols.

For making a great impression.
Even the most successful salespeople can use a little backup, especially one as welcomed and appreciated as Philly Soft Pretzels. From prospects to clients, buyers to vendors, courtesy calls to major meetings, everyone has a soft spot for our pretzels.

For boosting customer satisfaction.
No matter how regularly customers click, there’s one thing shoppers can’t find online. A tasty snack to perk them up, refuel their shopping trip, and make them glad they stopped in. Philly Pretzels can do it all, with minimal cost and effort on your part.

And more. With this one simple step.
It’s quick and easy – just set up your own Pretzel Account and you’re good to go!

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