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Philly Pretzel Factory - Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Philly Pretzel Factory Pretzels made?Show

All of the pretzels which are served at Philly Pretzel Factory are made from scratch everyday at each location.

How do I find a Philly Pretzel Factory near me?Show

To find the nearest Philly Pretzel Factory, visit our Locations page.

Can I buy a Philly Pretzel Factory store of my own?Show

For more information about franchising a Philly Pretzel Factory, visit our Franchising page.

What are Philly Pretzel Factory Store HoursShow

The hours of operations vary per Philly Pretzel Factory location. For the hours of operation of your local Philly Pretzel Factory, visit the Locations page.

Is it possible to have a Philly Pretzel Factory pretzel shipped to me?Show

Sorry we do not ship pretzels at this time. If you would like us to notify you when we do begin shipping pretzels, please join our mailing list so we can notify you in the future.

Does Philly Pretzel Factory sell gift cards?Show

Yes! You may purchase gift cards at any of our 100 plus Philly Pretzel Factory locations. Philly Pretzel Factory gift cards make a great gift for any occasion.

How do I apply for a position at my local Philly Pretzel Factory?Show

Philly Pretzel Factory is always looking for the next great “Philly Pretzel Twisting Extraordinaire”. Click the locations button to find a store near you. Filling out an application is as simple as clicking on the Work at a Factory page.

How can I share my recent experience at Philly Pretzel Factory?Show

Soft Pretzel Franchise Systems, Inc. is always appreciative when customers offer their feedback on experiences at any of the Philly Pretzel Factory locations. To share your experience with Philly Pretzel Factory, please visit the Contact Us page.

Where is the nutritional information for Philly Pretzel Factory menu items.Show

You may access Philly Pretzel Factory’s nutritional information by visiting our Nutrition page.

Is Philly Pretzel Factory a nut free facility? Show

Yes, we are!

Philly Pretzel Factory does not carry any nuts in stores or use nuts during the making of pretzels.

What do I do if i have extra pretzels left over that I have not eaten?Show

In the event that you were unable to eat all of your pretzels, you may freeze the pretzels in a zip-lock bag; to reheat the pretzels, simply take them out of the bag and heat in a toaster oven or microwave oven.

Can Philly Pretzel Factory make pretzels in any size or shape for a special event?Show

Yes! Contact your local Philly Pretzel Factory and they will be happy to discuss what options are available for custom Pretzels. Please give at least 24 hours notice for all custom Pretzel orders.

Does Philly Pretzel Factory sell a gluten free Pretzel?Show

Unfortunately the answer is no. Philly Pretzel Factory has experimented with gluten free Pretzels, but have yet to be able to develop one that meets the Philly Pretzel Factory standards. Please check back in the future as Philly Pretzel Factory is always creating new products to accommodate our customers. Philly Pretzel Factory Pretzels contain No Fat, No Preservatives and maintain a peanut-free operation.

Do Philly Pretzel Factory pretzel hotdogs or sausages contain any pork?Show

No! Philly Pretzel Factory Pretzel dogs and Spicy Sausages are made with Dietz and Watson 100% all beef products.

Are the products sold at Philly Pretzel Factory kosher?Show

Unfortunately, Philly Pretzel Factory does not serve any kosher products at this time.

What is Philly Pretzel Factory's corporate address and phone number?Show

Mailing Address:
Soft Pretzel Franchise Systems, Inc
7368 Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19136

Phone Number:
215.338.4606 (local)
800.679.4221 (toll-free)